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Welcome to P&J Carson Consulting

We are a highly skilled team with many years of experience solving difficult problems in the areas of

  • General statistical consulting
  • Quality control and quality systems
  • Environmental statistics and remediation
  • Analytics with Big Data
  • Operations research
  • Test method development and evaluation
  • Measurement and calibration uncertainty.

We help clients to solve problems by:

  • Analyzing and presenting client’s existing data
  • Developing sampling and quality control systems for monitoring consistency of processes, raw materials or products
  • Designing experiments for developing new or improving existing processes and products
  • Designing studies to evaluate and validate measurement systems
  • Analyzing variation in processes, raw materials and products
  • Developing algorithms and code for real-time analysis and monitoring of processes
  • Developing sampling designs for environmental investigations.

Our approach is to first thoroughly understand the problem and examine what information and data are already available. Based on that understanding, we propose the problem-solving approach that fits our client’s budget and leads to a reasonable solution of the problem.

We believe that the best solutions are result of joint effort between a client and consultant and that the success of any project depends on the relationships within the project team. We build relationships with our clients. We not only consult, but we assess strengths and weaknesses of team members, and we coach them on using strengths and developing skills needed for long term success of the project and client.

We are committed to high ethical standards and follow the Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice of the American Statistical Association.

Polona K. Carson, PhD, MBA

Polona is an experienced manager with a unique range of expertise. She has 25+ years experience in managing and developing testing services. Her business analysis of operational and financial data save a laboratory from closing. Her knowledge of laboratory testing and data analysis skills helped to resolve an issue with a supplier of nonperforming raw materials in manufacturing. She represented her home country of Slovenia in European Forest Monitoring Program Expert Panels for quality of sampling and laboratory testing.

She is expert in testing laboratory management, testing quality control program, proficiency testing, laboratory training and course development, writing standards and procedures and laboratory documentation, statistical methods for testing laboratory (such as statistical process control, measurement system analysis, experimental design, regression analysis, ANOVA/MANOVA, sampling, …)


Experience | Resume | Citations

John H. Carson Jr., PhD

John is an experienced statistician, programmer, database developer and environmental scientist. He has 36 years of experience in environmental work and 28 years of experience in statistics and has worked on many cutting-edge problems. He has developed numerous environmental sampling designs and experimental designs for studies and has analyzed and reported the resulting data. He is an expert in environmental statistics, statistical quality and sampling design, including multivariate statistics, spatial statistics, statistical characteristics of laboratory and field measurements, use of screening methodologies, composite sampling, unequal probability sampling and many modern statistical methods (such as generalized least squares, generalized linear models, mixed-effects models, exploratory data analysis, etc.).

He is also an A2LA approved assessor for ISO/IEC 17025.


Environmental experience | Resume | Citations

Services Offered




We provide expert consulting in the areas of

Our capabilities statement.

We believe that the best solutions are results of joint effort between client and consultant.


statistical consulting

We work with our clients in any stage of their work that requires statistics from planning laboratory studies, designing experiments or on-going monitoring studies, to solving tough problems through statistical data modeling. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Statistical quality control
  • Sampling and sampling theory
    • sampling from production
    • sampling for characterization of raw materials
    • audit sampling for compliance
  • Experimental design
  • Exploratory data analysis (EDA)
  • Statistical modeling and analysis
    • regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA
    • generalized linear models
    • random and mixed-effects models
    • bootstrap
    • nonparametrics
    • permutation tests
    • cluster analysis and classification
    • canonical correlation analysis
  • Spatial statistics and time series
  • Survival and reliability analysis
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • Bayesian statistical analysis
    • Hierarchical models
    • Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)
    • Bayesian bootstrap
  • R programming
  • Reproducible reporting using R, knitr and LaTeX
  • and more.

Statistical consulting capability statement

Examples of Statistical Consulting Services

environmental statistics

We are very experienced in working on multidisciplinary environmental projects in a variety of settings. Our mission is to build client trust and to reduce our clients’ environmental project risk, schedule and cost. We offer:

  • Analyzing existing data and data gaps analysis
  • Statistical design of sampling and monitoring programs—DQO process
  • Innovative sampling techniques
  • Site assessment using a variety of statistical techniques:
    • classical
    • nonparametric
    • Bayesian
    • spatial
    • time series
    • intervention modeling
    • multivariate
    • nondetect (censored) data
  • Statistical trend analysis for large groundwater monitoring networks and monitored natural attenuation
  • Reproducible reporting, which provides regulator with all code used for analysis and report production
  • Statistical support for MMRP
  • Statistical analysis and reporting to support site closure and NFA
  • Spatial stream network modeling and water quality analysis
  • Environmental forensics
  • Expert testimony
  • Third party laboratory data validation

We can help to reduce environmental remediation cost, schedule and risk through improving data quality and decision making.

Capability statement for environmental

Environmental consulting brochure

laboratory quality and management consulting

We provide high level statistical and business consulting services so your lab can focus on testing. We offer:

  • Evaluation of laboratory data quality and quality systems
  • Internal audit
  • Uncertainty and calibration
  • Statistical support for:
    • Test method validation and transfer
    • Test method performance evaluation and monitoring
    • Design of experiments
    • Instrument, test method and analysts equivalence studies
    • Measurement system analysis
    • Ruggedness and robustness studies
    • Data mining and analysis of LIMS and Quality system data
    • Implementation of ASTM statistics and quality standards
    • Data validation and quality assessment
  • Business planning and analysis:
    • Net present value analysis
    • Plan for monitoring validity of test results
    • Proficiency testing plan
    • Analysis of laboratory performance
    • Laboratory quality systems development and improvement,
    • Training and coaching for implementation of control chart based QA system

Laboratory quality consulting brochure

We can help to drive cost reduction and improved laboratory performance through data driven support for decision making.


We believe that students learn the most when theoretical concepts are demonstrated on practical examples and when concepts are presented multiple times in different ways. Our teaching strategy is adopted from “The Seven Laws of Teaching” by John Milton Gregory.

Training courses are developed from:

  • International standards (ASTM, ISO);
  • Technical literature by reputable authors with relevant expertise
  • Experience of practitioners;
  • Case studies.

Current Offerings

Control Charting for Analytical Testing Processes; Online; MOTIVA Training

Best Industrial Practices Applied to Validate and Correlate Lab Instruments to Process Online Analyzers; In-class; LabTech 2017

Courses are offered in-class, online or as webinars. All courses can be customized to your needs by including practical examples and case studies based on your data and practices.

Examples of Course Curricula

We have taught in-class courses through organizations like Pittcon, ASTM, Most do Znanja (Bridge to Knowledge) and Slovenian Institute for Quality.

Training Feedback

“The response from the course was overwhelmingly positive.”

“Very good workshop. Instructor is very knowledgeable and has a lot of practical experience.”

“Very efficient workshop, because it is based on practical examples and experience.”

We believe that success of any project mostly depends on relationships within the project team, and skills and knowledge of the team. Therefore we build a relationship with our clients through assessing strengths and weaknesses of team members and working with them on developing skills needed for long term success of the project.

We work with our clients on a regular schedule by using modern tools like cloud document sharing and web conferencing.

To accomplish project goals we prepare personal development plans, provide guidance and motivation and prepare and communicate progress reports.




January 28, 2017

Detection Limits: Their Use and Importance

Q: What are detection limits and why are they important? A: Detection limits are of critical importance in both industrial and regulatory contexts. A DL for an analytical measurement system (AMS) is an estimate of the lowest concentration of a substance that can be reliably detected. As the concentration of a substance approaches zero, it becomes much […]

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May 30, 2016

Control Charts for Monitoring Test Method Performance

Q: Which control charts are used for monitoring test method performance? A. Control charts are efficient tools for monitoring test method performance and maintaining stability of test method bias and precision. Each data point plotted on the control chart reflects on the site performance of the laboratory measurement process, which includes written test procedures, testing […]

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October 16, 2015

Precision in ASTM Test Methods

Q: What is precision and how is it interpreted in the context of ASTM test methods? A: From the standard E177, Standard Practice for Use of the Terms Precision and Bias in ASTM Test Methods, we have the following definition of precision: Precision, n—the closeness of agreement between independent test results obtained under stipulated conditions. […]

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Quantitation Limit

August 7, 2015

A new approach to Quantitation Limits

The (Lowest Concentration Minimum Reporting Limit) LCMRL is a new approach to quantitation limits that I developed under contract for USEPA Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water (OGDW). It is based on finding the lowest sample concentration that meets a specified Measurement Quality Objective (MQO) with specified probability. For OGDW’s purposes, the MQO for quantitation […]

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Laboratory quality

December 21, 2012

What can we use as control sample material?

This is one of the most frequent questions that I get regarding implementation of control charts for monitoring test method performance. So I will try to give you some ideas. The most common answer that an analyst will give is: “some kind of reference material”. However reference materials are expensive, they normally come in very […]

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Control charts

June 21, 2012

Control Chart Handouts

Polona created a handout on design and interpretation of control charts. We have made it available for download on our site here. We have both English (8-1/2 by 11 format) and Slovene (A4) versions. It is two pages and designed as a two-sided, three panel accordion fold brochure. When you print it, please print on […]

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Control charts

May 21, 2012

The Power of Control Charts II – Effectiveness of Training

Several times in my career I (Polona) was asked by an auditor how we measure effectiveness of laboratory staff training. This is a really good question that normally comes up when laboratory hires a new staff member shortly before an audit. The problem that a lot of laboratories have is how to verify the ability […]

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April 15, 2012

The Power of Control Charting – Part I

Using statistical quality assurance techniques to evaluate testing method performance and quality of testing results is often perceived as burdensome. Laboratory staff members see it as something difficult that takes their time away from testing for customers and decreases their productivity. It is true that it takes a lot of training and time to master […]

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